Everyone has a favorite dwarf in Snow White. Answer a few questions to find out: Which of the Seven Dwarfs Are You?



Everyone loves kaleidoscopes. Everyone loves pictures of cute cats. Why not combine them: Catleidoscope!



Let's see how good your sense of balance is. Try it out with Levers.
INTERNET FIND: Levers - A Balancing Game http://bit.ly/2xRqSvW


IGoogle Earth is pretty cool, but maybe it's not enough for you. Maybe you need to go beyond. In that case, you need to check out Google Solar System. You can visit all of the planets, a number of planets' moons and even the International Space Station.




n 231 years, the United States has developed a very distinct identity from Great Britain. But we still trace much of our cultural heritage back to ol' Blighty. How much? Answer a few simple questions at Buzzfeed to determine What Percent British and What Percent American Are You? 





Some NFL helmets are better than others. But one graphic designer decided to give all 32 of them an upgrade, and the results are awesome.



Summer's winding down, which means it's almost leaf-peeping time. The Smoky Mountain Foundation has just published its annual Fall Foliage Map, so you can see when peak color will happen near you.



Now you can make beautiful music with nothing more than your computer keyboard. Type anything into Typatone, and it will turn each keystroke into a musical note.





What is your professional wrestler name? Just enter in your real name to find out.





Let's see how big of a geography buff you are. Guess what is pictured in these 17 satellite images.






Just in case you forget to set the alarm on your phone, this Online Alarm Clock will wake you up whenever you want. You can even choose from a variety of sounds to get you going.






Nothing against The RootsAndy Richter or any of the other late-night sidekicks, but we miss Ed McMahonHiyoooo!





How many goofy photos do you have where someone is pointing in them. At PointerPointer






Hextris is kind of like Tetris, but totally different. You rotate an hexagon in the center of the screen as bars of various colors come in from the sides. Match up colors to make the bars disappear and keep the pile from getting too big. (http://hextris.io/)





Admit it, you want to become a Jedi Knight someday. Your path starts with Light Saber Training.


Can't make it to a fireworks display this weekend? Create your own virtual fireworks display at Fireworks.com.



Love Pictionary but have no friends? Play online at Skribbl.io.


Clocks are helpful tools, but they're not very exciting. ClockTab wants to change that by allowing you to design your own digital clock. You can change the font, the background color and even the layout.


A photographer in Monterey, California used a drone to capture video of killer whales. What he didn't expect was to see them shooting rainbows out of their blow holes. 



It was just a matter of time until someone created a Virtual Fidget Spinner for the Internet.






Check out this adorable moment when a Google Home and an Amazon Echo meet for the first time and strike up a friendship. 





Everyone loves Doge the Internet Dog, right? Wouldn't you love to pet him? Please Pet Doge.





A Latvian man recently became the first to skydive from a drone. A company that manufactures drones showed off the strength of its newest device by hoisting the man up to more than 1,000 feet. He then let go and parachuted safely to the ground.

Everer wondered exactly how your voice varies all of the various sounds that come out of your mouth? Monkey around with the lips, tongue, oral cavity, nasal cavity and more with the Pink Trombone online voice simulator.





You know that old thumb trick, where you make gullible people believe that you're actually removing your thumb and putting it back? Well this guy take that to a whole new level.