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01-13-14  According to a recent survey, residence of Vermont are more likely to use THIS more first thing in the morning than residents in any other state... followed by South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, and Indiana. What is it??? ANSWER: SNOOZE BUTTON!!!

01-14-14  "MAJORITY" of Newlywed couples say THIS is the number 1 thing they argue about.... What?  ANSWER: THE BATHROOM!!!!!

01-15-14  33% of American office workers say THIS attire should be banned in the workplace...What? ANSWER: LEOPARD PRINT CLOTHING!!! (STANLEY B NOW HAS TO GO HOME AND CHANGE HIS PANTS!!!)

01-16-14 16% of Americans feel guilty after doing THIS....What is it.....? CLUE: Kids enjoy it..... ANSWER: EATING FAS FOOD!!!!

01-21-14 According to a survey from Yahoo.com, 65% of people admit to doing THIS when they go out to eat. What is it? ANSWER: ALWAYS ORDER THE SAME THING!!!!!

01-22-14  It’s not at all dangerous, but if you mess THIS up the consequences can be disastrous. Which is probably why five percent of men would never do what? ANSWER: DO LAUNDRY!!!

01-23-14  A recent survey about the commute shows that more women than men do THIS while they are driving to work. What is it? ANSWER: DRIVE ON EMPTY!!!!

1-24-14  Experts say if you happen to get one of THESE this year it will cost you about $4,000 by the end of the year.... What is it? ANSWER: A CAT

1-27-14  THIS grosses out about 36% of your co-workers…? ANSWER: TAKING SHOES OFF AT THE OFFICE!!!!10%

1-28-14 In the 80's, an airline saved $40,000 a year by eliminating one of these. What was it? ANSWER: AN OLIVE OFF THE SALAD

2-01-14 According to recent medical studies, if you do THIS alone or even with a group of people, it is proven to relieve stress. What is it? ANSWER: SING!!!

2-04-14  NAISHA HAS IT!!!! Experts say the average woman does THIS by the time she's 32. What do you think it is? ANSWER: START ACTING LIKE HER MOM!!!!

2-05-14  Around 20 million people have quit a job for THIS surprising reason. ANSWER: THEIR MOM TOLD THEM TO!!!!

2-06-14 10% of people in a recent survey said THIS common situation is so stressful it makes them cry. What is it? ANSWER: TRAFFIC/GETTING STUCK IN TRAFFIC

2-10-14  In a recent survey, people were asked, "If you were a flavor, what flavor would you be?" The #1 answer was coffee. What was #2? ANSWER: BANANA!!!!

2-21-14 More than 95% of employees surveyed say it's important their boss have and use, one of THESE. What? ANSWER: A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!

02-24-14 97% of people don't wash or clean THIS item properly, and it could cause all sorts of health issues! What is it? ANSWER:THEIR PILLOW!!!

02-26-14 According to a recent survey from MSNBC, only 15% of us are able to do THIS on a daily basis. What is it?ANSWER; Wake up without an alarm!!!!!

02-27-14 A lot of people in Wilmington are addicted to this. Others were convinced to try it once and said, “Never again.” Some were hooked from the beginning. What??? 

HINT: Professional athletes have been caught doing this, but it doesn’t hurt their careers. ANSWER: GOLF!!!!

03-05-14 According to a Yahoo survey, “Got Milk” is the most famous commercial tagline in history. What tagline came in second? ANSWER: DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!!!!

03-17-14  In Today's Real Estate Market, a home without THIS can loose 20% of it's value... What? ANSWER: INTERNET ACCESS !!!!

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